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[IP] reverse correction bolus

I've been a long-time lurker since I started pumping in 
May of '99. 
I recently had a re-education class and heard about a 
reverse correction bolus. I'm still working on basal (i 
have 8 basals now) testing and find that I drop below 50 
at least 2x a day. 

The formula has several variables - 
-amount you correct for (140)
-amount of insulin (based on C/I factor) 
-diffence between low bs and correction #

I think I'm leaving something out. Maybe sensitivity 

I have the exact formula scribbled on the back on one of 
my diabetes tomes. I can't find it. I think the cat is 
sleeping on it. 

I find that taking half of the bolus works okay. 
Yesterday @ 5pm, I was 52, I had 118 carbs of CHO 
divided that by 15 and got 3.9 (I gave myself 4u) At 
7pm, I was 147. 

Thanks, Charlie

Thanks to IP, I didn't have a mild coronary infarction 
the first time I had a gusher. :)
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