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Re: [IP] new a1c

    3 comments for you: 
a) different ratios for different meals is more the norm than the exception 
among pumpers.....I'm glad your endo agreed to leave it alone, but you might 
want to pass on that anecdotal info from the many pumpers who post here....
b) have you tried Novolog instead of Humalog? again no scientific evidence, 
but a growing body of anecdotal evidence that the Novolog seems to eliminate 
that "day 3 I need to change the site rise in bgs"....my daughter's bgs have 
been soooo much better
c) ...when Melissa was ill last year with mono & anemia, her hair was falling 
out A LOT, but when the anemia resolved, that resolved too....so hopefully, 
getting your thyroid balanced out will help
Renee (pump mom to Melissa)
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