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[IP] Found a way to save money?

Hi all:
Well, I think I've figured out how to use up my entire set w/o throwing away
half of it when I have to change a site...

I usually fill my reservoir to 250 worth of insulin and need to change the
sites as I never use up all that insulin in 4 days.
I am using the micro soft sets/Medtronics and have figured out that if I
need to change my site, I disconnect and just use the "needle" part to do
this.  I prime 5 U and that fills that tubing up and lets the insulin drip
and then just insert that into my skin.

As for the other part when it gets attached to the reservoir, when I run out
of insulin and need to change reservoir, I fill that and then disconnect the
tubing.  I prime around 10 units, sometimes more and that brings the insulin
drip out of that portion of the tubing and then I can safely reconnect.

Hmmmm,....what a concept!

Hope this helps others to save on some money and sets!

Kathy B.
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