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[IP] MM billing

I am a new pumper (Paradigm).  I am frustrated already with MM. (1.) My order 
for new supplies came to me incorrectly.  (2.) The credit card that I put my 
co-pay on is no longer a card they will take.  (3.) And the billing is not 
done through MM, there is a third party who handles all the billing.  (4.) 
Billing does not understand the difference between a 508 or 507, and can't 
understand why I can't use a reservoir from the 507 in my Paradigm.  

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Hi Sarah,

I order directly from MM and am lucky enough to have insurance pay 100%.  I 
do call 800 # directly.  I feel much more secure talking with an individual 
than the online stuff.  That way I know exactly what I'm ordering, they MM 
got my order right and all of that....


>Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 20:12:46 -0500
>From: "Sarah Easter" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Silly MiniMed supply question..
>This may sound dumb, but do any of you who order directly from MM and have
>insurance pay 100% for supplies, order  your supplies from MM's website, or
>do you have to call their 800#?  I was just wondering, because instead of
>calling and saying I want 2 boxes of quick sets and 3 boxes of sils, and
>trying to explain I want different tubing lenths, etc, it would be easier 
>I could just pick and choose what I wanted to when it was time to order
>every 3 months... any thoughts on this?  I suppose I could always ask MM,
>but since I don't have any other reason to call them at the moment, I
>thought I'd ask everyone here :-)
>Sarah (Only 4 more days until I get my new Paradigm!)

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