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RE: [IP] non-diabetic bg

Sue Kinzelman [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> I often refer to one of my text books.
> This one is "Human Physiology and Mechanisms of Disease" by 
> Guyton and Hall. It
> says: "The normal blood glucose concentration in a person who 
> has not eaten a
> meal within the past 3 to 4 hours is approximately 90 mg  per 
> 100 ml of blood,
> and even after a meal containing large amounts of carbohydrates, this
> concentration rarely rises above 140 mg per 100 ml of blood 
> unless the person
> has diabetes mellitus."


This is a statistical statement, and "normal" is being used in that context.
The assumption here is that blood glucose measurements taken in a random
sample of non-diabetics under particular conditions will produce a range of
readings, and that it will have a discernable and predictable frequency
distribution.  Assuming that to approximate a normal distribution, the most
frequent reading will be 90mg/dL.  Without having the variance to go along
with this statement, it is impossible to know exactly what the range might
be.  Having said that, it's entirely possible - even likely that *some*
healthy people will have fasting glucose measurements over 120mg/dL, and
some will have measurements under 70mg/dL.
I will also note that your quote says "rarely" will BG rise over 140 in a
non-diabetic.  That means that there are cases where it has/does.

This is the very essence of YMMV.

Jim Handsfield, PhD, MPH
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
email @ redacted
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