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[IP] reusing resevoirs

I have an animas pump and after seeing others reuse their resevoirs have 
been reusing each one a second time with good results.  If you notice when 
you use a "new" resevoir there is an "oily type substance" that is in the 
resevoir around the black rubber ring thing - you are supposed to push the 
plunger up and down a couple times before filling the resevoir to coat the 
resevoir/rubber ring so that it advances correctly when in use. If you would 
reuse the resevoirs too many times this "substance" would be gone and then 
there could be friction on the plunger/resevoir which might cause it to not 
advance correctly for your basals/boluses.  Others would have to let us know 
if they reuse more than once.  On the animas there is nothing to "screw back 
together", etc. - just save the needle and cap for refilling.

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