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[IP] nerve leg pain


Leg pain can come from many things.  Some diabetes related, some not.

Lacking certain vitamins can make you prone to leg pain.

Diabetes related issues:  if your sugars have been high or at a high level
for a long period of time, you should expect nerve damage to have occurred
or be occurring now.  when nerve damage starts happening in the legs, you
may have a tingling or stinging or deep pain type feeling in either leg.  it
may come and go frequently, come and never leave, come once and go away
The longer you've been diabetic, the more likely you are to have those types
of issues.  A person's body can only handle so much!!

I would check w/a couple different doctor's ASAP.  one that knows about
healthy diets and about vitamin requirements (a good dietician) and one
(like an endocrinologist) that knows about diabetic complications and that
can accurately interpret your diabetes history (bg readings, A1C's, etc).

Hope this helps!!!!

Tavia Rodrmguez
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