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[IP] Endo


Also, with a good Endo, you have more confidence that this person is trained
and more up to date w/all of the ever changing info about this disease.  if
you have a great pcp and that person is committed to staying up to date
w/all aspects of diabetes you should be fine.  if not, i would strongly
recommend seeing a real Endo, and if you're in a metro area, find an Endo
that has the "time" to treat you like a person, not an appointment to
finish.  there's just so much to this disease that if you don't have the
right medical support/care team people, it can be so much more complicating
and devestating than it truly needs to be.
i live in the denver, co area, and luckily the folks at the U of Colorado
Hospitals and Clinics are oh so wonderful.  i can call or e-mail my diabetes
educators with any question in the world and they respond right away (with
no bill) and their education classes are well known in the area!  

Tavia Rodrmguez
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