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I just started on the Paradigm in May of this year (my first pump), and the
Quick Sets were painful for me when the tube would get kinked under the
skin.  I used the shorter (6mm) inserts and everything.  what would happen
is that whenever I used my abdominal muscles for ANYTHING it would cause
pain.  I'd wait and finally not be able to stand it, and take out the tubing
and change the insertion site.  The tube would always be horribly kinked,
and once even broken open! yikes! I also would get frequent NO DELIVERY
error messages. I'm slender and have a decently muscular ab area, and my
diabetes educator and i decided I should try the sillohuetes (they go in at
an angle) and they have worked much better for me.  They are scarier to look
at, though as they have a longer insertion needle/tube.  when it goes in
correctly, I honestly can't feel it go in.  I may have  a slight stinging
sensation a few minutes later that goes away in a few minutes.  it should be
relatively 'comfortable' for the most part, though.  they are a little
harder to put in, but with practice it seems to be going better.  I think
they are much easier to disconnect from for showering, etc. than the Quick
Hope this info helps you!

Does anyone else have issues with the insertion sites being painful?  What
frequency should I expect to have too much pain so that I need to change the
insertion site early?  I heard the insertion sites should be less painful
than injections and that you should 'forget they are there' soon enough.
well, i haven't been able to forget!!!  am i over sensitive?
Tavia Rodrmguez
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