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Re: [IP] non-diabetic bg

When my dad checks his, he's almost always between 60 and 80.  My mom is 100-
120.  I think that just varies from person to person.  My younger brother, who 
was diagnosed 7 years after me, showed much higher bg's and even slight 
ketones, and of course the thirst all the time...and doctors said we caught his 
extremely early.  His bg's were pretty normal when he was a kid, around 100, 
and then they started to get into the 200's.  That's when we tested ketones.  I 
don't think 120 is anything to worry about.  I have read that "normal" is 
actually 60-150, depending on the person and how long ago they ate and how long 
it takes their body to metabolize food.  Maybe you could get one of those 24 
hour glucose tests done for him?  Just continue checking his bg'severy few 
months, and of course if he starts losing weight for no reason or he has the 
continual thirst/urination, then get him to a doctor.  

> Hi. My son is the diabetic. His cousin is visiting, (from S. Africa) and has
> checked his bg 2x. Once was 3 hours after eating and he was 115. Second time
> was fasting all night and no breakfast (12 noon)...he was 122. I'm thinking
> this may be borderline...and he may need to keep an eye on it....are we just
> nervous nellies or what? His family does not have it at all. He is 13.
> Any suggestions.
> Robin
> Mom to Kevin, 14 dx 12/98
> pumping 5/99
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