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Re: [IP] non-diabetic bg

In a message dated 7/23/02 5:15:59 PM !!!First Boot!!!, email @ redacted 

<< Hi. My son is the diabetic. His cousin is visiting, (from S. Africa) and 
 checked his bg 2x. Once was 3 hours after eating and he was 115. Second time
 was fasting all night and no breakfast (12 noon)...he was 122. I'm thinking
 this may be borderline...and he may need to keep an eye on it....are we just
 nervous nellies or what? His family does not have it at all. He is 13.
 Any suggestions. >>
A b.s. of 122 after fasting all night is too high.  My non-d. mother (in her 
late 60s) had a 110 b.s. one hour after lunch and the doctor was concerned.  
Go figure!  She just did a fasting b.s. and we're waiting to find out what it 
was.  Of course I've tested her on my son's monitor and she was below 100.  
The cut-off for fasting sugars is 126.
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