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[IP] Carrying Case

I just started using the Freestyle Tracker last week.  I had some initial 
issues with it, but it is working great now.  My problem is that I can't 
find a carrying case that will fit it along with all the other stuff I 
carry.  I carry the Tracker (basically a PDA with about an inch thing 
sticking out of the top of it), the regular Freestyle (two by 3 inch about) 
as a backup, a few paper items (the programming and alarm cards for all my 
stuff, as well as identification cards and my basal profile), a bottle or 
two of insulin, a few backup syringes, a cold pack for the insulin, usually 
two bottles of strips (the Freestyle strip bottles are about 2 inches high 
and about an inch thick), my pump remote, extra batteries for the pump, the 
remote, and the Freestyle (the Tracker is rechargeable), an ear plug case, 
the extra battery pack for my pump, the test solution for the meters, and 
various small cleaning and maintenance utensils for the pump (small 
items).  Other items include my lipstick, a compact, and a few mints 
individually wrapped.  So, what container would anyone suggest that would 
fit all this?  I currently use the MEDport daily organizer, but it is too 
small for the PDA.  I bought on line a 50Fifty supply case, but it doesn't 
have a good place to hold my insulin, and I don't like the way it opens 
(everything would fall out if I opened it all the way).  What does anyone 
who uses a PDA use?  Is there a FAQ I can reference?
Alicia Kost, Type 1 for 18 years, no complications, on Minimed 508 for 6 
months (on 507 for 5 years before that)
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