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Re: [IP] lab tests


The reason that most endo's check thyroid is that diabetics are at a higher risk for hypothyroidism by way of Hashimoto's disease (yeah, really scary name I know)  From what I can gather, Hashimoto's disease develops because the body continues to attack the endocrine system, including the thyroid, thus decreasing the ability of your thyroid to produce enough hormones.

The reason that I know this is that when I finally started going to an endo last year, he did a bunch of tests and found that my thyroid was not producing at the right level and now I'm on synthroid.

Hope this was helpful, and please if I have gotten anything wrong, let me know.



Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 21:37:28 -0400
From: "Julie Britt" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] lab tests

Why thyroid?  I don't even know if I've had that done.  I have never 
had a
24 hour urine test done.  Is there a special reason to get that, or do 
diabetics need it?  I am 24 years old, so maybe that is why they 
haven't had
it done every 3 or 6 months, but I read that every diabetic should have
cerain tests done once a year.

Also, do you guys have a yearly physical?  Or do your docs figure you 
them enough that it isn't necessary?

Julie Britt

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