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Re: [IP] New to List

On 22 Jul 2002 at 20:07, Nancy Leach wrote:

> Hi!
> My grand daughter that I am raising will be starting to pump saline tomorrow.
> She is 5 years old and has had diabetes since she was 20 months.  She will be
> using the Paridigm.  They are starting her out with the silhouette infusion set.
>  She's pretty nervous about it.  I put one of the sets in me to show her that it
> really wasn't bad.  It really surprised me how little I felt.  On Thurs. she
> will go into the hospital for 24 hours to start the insulin.  Any words of
> encouragement would be great.. have to say that grandma is a little nervous too.
>  Have been trying to get her endo to get her the pump for a year. Nancy Tians
> grandma Nancy 

Well fear is to be expected, at least for 15 minutes. :>)   This will soon give way to un-restrained joy.  No matter how foreign it may feel to begin with it will become a part of 
you.  This is particularly true for kids.  Since she has been injecting for over 3 years I imagine she will be excited with the prospect of only having to insert the infusion set 
every 3 days (her set life may vary). It won't be perfect, but this will provide the closest to a normal life any diabetic could expect.  I look forward to your posts telling us of 
her joy and her smiles.

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