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[IP] Re: How do you reuse the reservoirs?

>  I've never reused the reservoir but would
> definately like to now that we don't have insurance paying for them.  Do
> save the needle that comes with the reservoir to refill it?

One of the very first things I was taught (19 yrs ago next month) when
starting pumping was to save the filler needle that is attached to the
reservoir. I was told to cap it with the white cap that is found on the end
of all infusion sets that have a regular Leur Lock. I asked, "Why?" "Because
you never know when you'll need it." That has been very valuable in
refilling reservoirs. I'm a *saver* and collect so many of those needles! I
do discard them (safely) every twice in awhile.

> How do you get
> the old infusion set apart from the reservoir?  I tried a few weeks ago
> couldn't get it to budge.

For tubing being too tight and unremovable from the reservoir, I know I and
at least one other pumper use regular pliers to grasp it hard enough to
remove it. Actually, I bought a set of *toys* for making baskets and stuff
and there were plastic pliers in it. Those are the ones I use. The other
pumper took his on an airplane and they confiscated them! Don't take metal
ones on an airplane. (~_^)

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