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[IP] more on reusing

bascran wrote:
> how do you re-use infusion sets??? 

well unless you are using a bent needle infusion set, you can't! and I don't 
recommend reusing them either, though it is nice with the bent needle if it 
sorta pulls out a little, you can push it back in and tape it down (with duct 
tape if necessary) and avoid a change (comes in handy when you are 
camping....note to self: add duct tape to pumping supplies)

> once the cannula falls out, how do you get it to restick??  

I guess if you have good eyes and steady hands you could thread that 9" 
introducer needle back in...but again...I don't recommend doing this 
either...but HEY...YMMV

> once it unsticks, i dont know how to get it to stick again

If the cannula is still IN you, you might try lifting up the edge of the tape 
and swabbing your skin with some bard or other sticky adhesive 
stuff...gorilla snot aka mastisol is one I have heard of...bard is a good 
sticky wipe I use...but slap some of that on you, then press the tape back 
down...I have also used a hair dryer on occasion...that kinda melts the 
adhesive a little, then as it cools back down it sticks a little better....

good luck

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