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[IP] how to reuse...Instructions

Sharon wrote:
> I've never reused the reservoir but would definately like to now 
> Do yousave the needle that comes with the reservoir to refill it?  

Yes.  I used to use bent needle infusion sets and they came with a hard 
plastic screw on cap that attached perfectly to the needle..so I use that to 
keep the end closed, but I am sure just keeping it in a clean, dry place 
would be find.  

> How do you get the old infusion set apart from the reservoir?  

Well, i don't use my superman powers to screw them on in the first place.  I 
have never had one that was so tight that fingers, or my back molars on a 
couple occasions couldn't unscrew it...I guess if it is any tighter than that 
you could use an adjustable wrench???

The main thing to remember is that there is a lubricant inside the reservoir 
that helps the plunger glide smoothly.  Minimed says don't reuse, beacuse 
they can't guarantee there is any lubricant left and if so how much and how 
well the plunger will slide, so you risk a NO DELIVERY alarm.  I always prime 
the reservoir the first time I use it...distribiting the lubricant 
well...Then I inject MORE than enough air into the bottle before drawing out 
my 180 units.BUT I DO NOT do this on subsequent uses.  The next time(s) I 
fill the same reservoir, I insert the needle with the plunger pushed all the 
way up and let the vacuum forces do their work pushing the plunger back 
out...i can pull a little more, but try NOT to push into the bottle...you 
owuld be pushing residue  of OLD insulin into your bottle, so avoid that if 
you can.

As with everything YMMV adn if you are worried about occlusions or being 
"outside the box" then I don't suggest breaking any "rules" (baloney...you 
KNOW I always support breaking of the rules....)

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