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Re: [IP] Infusion Sets

Hi Priscilla,

I just started pumping two weeks ago, and turned a little pale, too, when I
saw the size of the infusion needle (and I've taken more than 25,000 insulin
injections in my 26 years of Type I--diagnosed at age 14).

In the book, Pumping Insulin, on page 41 in a gray box, it describes Emla
cream which numbs the infusion site and helped me a lot.  It's available by
prescription only.  You apply a good amount to the area, cover it with a
bandage and wait an hour.  I really helped me in overcoming my fear that the
sets would hurt.

Perhaps he needs more time to adjust emotionally.  It would be great if he
could talk to other kids his age who are using pumps.  How long has he had

I wish I could offer more.

Best wishes!

Priscilla Call Essert <email @ redacted> wrote:  My son started on the
Paradigm pump last week. After several attempts to get
> the Quickset to work, we finally had success this past Saturday. After
> hours of wearing the pump, he ripped it out of his body and says that it
> still hurts and that he wants nothing to do with the pump.
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