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Re: [IP] re: infusion sets

>Are you using the quik-set 6mm or the 9mm? When I first got my pump, it 
>came with the sof-set 9mm. I don't know if it was just getting used to the 
>set, or if the set was too long(I am on the thinner side), but it felt 
>uncomfortable. When I told the trainer this, he gave me some 6mm to try. A 
>couple of hours later, I changed sets, using the 6mm, and forgot that it 
>was even there. Diana

I think that just assuming that because you're not thin, the 9mm is the 
best length for you, is not necessarily true.  While I first started out 
with the 9mm QuickSets, I found that I my sites were more tender after 
using them.  I finally switched to the 6mm, get better absorption than I 
did with the 9mm and have much more comfort.  And, I am not a real thin 
person either.

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