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Re: [IP] re: paradigm upgrade

At 08:11 PM 7/21/02 -0700, you wrote:
 >Glad to hear everything went well. I dont go til Oct. 26. Could you tell me
 >why you need to take two 508 reservoirs and infusion sets with you. I
think we
 >all know how they work.

I assume that is in case you need to reconnect to the 508 for some reason,
during my training, we didn't use them at all.

Also, from my experience and what I've heard from others, you really don't
need to do a site change in front of everyone in the room.  Our trainer
said that if our existing site was a new one, we could just connect the
tubing from the Paradigm to it.  That end of the tubing is identical to the
needle end for the sets for any other pump.  Only the luer lock end is

At my training, they had a curtain in the corner of the room you could go
behind and have some privacy, although I was suprised to see that most people
seemed to insert there sites while sitting right at there table while carrying
on coversations with the people next to them, I gues by the time we got to
that stage everyone was comfortable, most people (women and men) wore loose
shirts and inserted in the abdomen, pretty quick and easy, I know I never
thought I would do that and I thought maybe women would feel a little more
uncomfortable than men, but must be we all felt a bond of some sort and didn't
even think about it.

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