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[IP] Minimed and customer service

I ordered my supplies on July 1 and am just now getting them, but not because 
of Minimed - it was all on my endo's end.  

He took 3 weeks to gax back to them a physician work order.

I was on contact with Minimed almost every day to find out about my order and 
they were nothing but helpful.  They are going to send me some of the PWO's 
so I can get them signed by my endo and I will have them next time I need to 
reorder and won't have to wait for the endo to get with the program.

He is the only pump doctor in my area without me having to travel over an 
hour each way to get to an appoinement.  I guess for the time being he is my 
only choice because my PCP has no clue as to how the pump works even with me 
explaining it to him.  He understands the concept but wants nothing to do 
with trying to figure out my basals etc.

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