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Re: [IP] Infusion Sets

>Any ideas about what to do next? Try other infusion sets or just give the
whole thing a  rest? He just turned 7, begged for this, and I can't tell if
the infusion set really hurts, or if he is just freaked out by the reality
of what he
asked for 2 months ago.
> Priscilla

    Caitlyn is now seven and a half, and has been on the pump for two years
now.  She uses the Soft-set Micro QR.  She likes it because it is small (she
is too!), and she can use the soft-serter (she feels in control of the
insertion with it).  She was five when we started, and she didn't like the
insertion part.  She adjusted over time.  Tell him not to give up!  The pump
will give him so much more freedom!  Play around with different types of
infusion sets, though I do not know what works or doesn't with the Paradigm.
Caitlyn doesn't even think about the set or pump anymore.  And she would
freak out if it was taken away!  She told me that she loves her pump and
that she won't give it up for anything!  It is a big change...especially for
a young one.  I only wore the pump for a week (I went through the saline
stage with Caitlyn and she even got to insert my set!), but I know it took
me a few days to adapt to wearing it.  By the third day, I had forgotten
about it being on, except at meal time when we bolused together!  I am glad
I had the chance to do it with her... I think I got to know the pump faster
because of it.  Try again... maybe it went in funny... anything is possible!
Good Luck!

Carrie, mom to Caitlyn, dx'd @ 20 months, 7 and happily pumping since July
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