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Re: [IP] Infusion Sets

>>>My son started on the Paradigm pump last week. After several attempts to
the Quickset to work, we finally had success this past Saturday. After three
hours of wearing the pump, he ripped it out of his body and says that it
still hurts and that he wants nothing to do with the pump. Any ideas about
what to do next? Try other infusion sets or just give the whole thing a
rest?  <snip>Priscilla>>>


Have you, yourself, tried wearing an infusion set? Use the same style he is
using and try it for 3 days and see if there is discomfort. This will also
show him you care enough to experience this with him. Of course, your skin
will be different, and he may be allergic to the tape. Would he know the
difference in pain and irritation? If it's a tape/sticky irritation, there
are several things you can try like using another kind of tape. Or, try a
tape directly on the skin, then insert the QS through that. This would give
the QS stickiness a barrier.

How did he learn about pumps? Through other kids? Reassuring him that others
have been successful after several changes might help him be cooperative in
doing this again. Best wishes to you and him. (~_^)

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