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[IP] Minimed Supply Billing Issue

Hi All:  I ordered supplies in February, and had to wait until March to get
them.  There is a new middleman company (a go-between between HMO and MM).
They finally got me my order in a month.

So, like some of you, I use one reservoir per week, and I use combo sils.  I
dont even need supplies yet, but I called MM to see what co.-pay I owe on that
last order, so I am current with them.  Well, they never even got paid for the
last order!

I next called the HMO, who never saw the order at all.  They sent me to the
go-between company.  When I spoke to them, they said they were having a
terrible time with MM and had to demand a face to face meeting with the area
rep so MM understands these billing issues.  Btw, MM told me it was no big
deal and I should just wait and let their insurance "hunters" track down the
money.  I explained that I sure would rather be making one co-pay at a time,
so I dont get hit with a $200 plus bill.  MM didn't care, and said not to
worry.  The other company wonders if other people are experiencing these
problems with Minimed.  They said I should let them know, so if any of you
find this has happened to you please do contact me and I will just give her
some idea of how common this is (or isn't.)

I'm glad I also asked if they contracted solely with MM. They dont, and she
assured me I can select any other pump co. when it's time for a new one.  I
might take her up on that!
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