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[IP] reusing reservoirs

sarah A wrote:

> Do other peoplere-use their reservoirs?I was told they are 
>  a one shot deal.Sure would benice to reuse them and save some$$

Surely I am not the only rebel here...surely you ALL reuse your tubing at 
least once..that is why they come in combo packs....Sure they TELL you to use 
them once...scare the crap out of you warning of occulusion alarms if you 
don't.....meanwhile they are making lots of money....and you have nice clean 
fresh supplies.  Sure, they make recommendations, so that if you choose 
ignore them, then it is your own fault if something messes up..

I have been pumping for 9 1/2 years, 9 of them reusing the reservoir and the 
tubing, AND lancets!!!!  and so far, no problems...knocking fiercely on wood

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