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Re: [IP] lab tests

On 22 Jul 2002 at 9:52, email @ redacted wrote:

> How frequently do you have lab tests- cholesterol, protein in urine, etc?  And
> which doctor orders them?  I asked my endo, because it's been over a year since
> I had anything done(A1c is done by fingerstick).  They said that the primary
> care physician is supposed to do that.  The PCP office said that since I am
> diabetic and I see my endo much more often than them, that the endo should order
> it.  I just want to make sure I get everything checked... like getting an oil
> change every 3 months, you know?  Julie

As to which doctor orders the tests, I would think it may depend on the insurance coverage.  But do INSIST that one of them does it, let the Endo know that the PCP 
expects him to order those.  As to your oil change, any good service shop can accomplish that or you can learn to do it yourself, don't forget the filter though.     ;>)  

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