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Re: [IP] lab tests

At 05:52 AM 7/22/02, you wrote:
>How frequently do you have lab tests- cholesterol, protein in urine, 
>etc?  And
>which doctor orders them?  I asked my Endo, because it's been over a year 
>I had anything done(A1c is done by finger stick).  They said that the primary
>care physician is supposed to do that.  The PCP office said that since I am
>diabetic and I see my Endo much more often than them, that the Endo should
>order it.  I just want to make sure I get everything checked... like 
>getting an
>oil change every 3 months, you know?

Julie, I get lab work from the Endo every 3 months (A1c, etc).  I also see 
a Nephrologist every 3 months, and he does the regular type blood test (for 
a kidney patient) at that time.  He also orders a test of my cholesterol 
every 6 months, and then forwards them to my Cardiologist at that time.

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