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RE: [IP] funnel cakes

At 05:47 AM 7/22/02, you wrote:
>Well, I tried that funnel cake recipe, and it didn't work.  The batter was 
>too thin, so I had to add more flour and another egg.  So then the carb count
>wasn't accurate, but I tried to guess... did 5 units for 1 (with probably 2
>tbsp powdered sugar).  Went low an hour later.  It was nice to try, but I 
>think I'll be doing it again soon, as that stuff could totally ruin my 
>diet! ;)

Nice try Julie. You don't want to ruin your diet at this stage of the game, 
what with your wedding coming up, and you've probably already gotten fitted 
for your dress (LOL)>

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