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Re: [IP] A special new website

On 21 Jul 2002 at 21:34, jmb1077 wrote:

> Hi,This is a very new website
> I expect you would enjoy it.


It really wasn't Julie that sent this message, but there are probably some of our members that have become infected with the Klez virus.  I suspect that this message may 
have come through Sprint, but that may have been forged also.

The important thing is that EVERYONE has Anti-Virus running and updated frequently on their computers.  NO viruses will come directly from the Insulin Pumpers mail 
lists.  There were some viruses that forged the IP address but they were so plain I don't think it fooled anyone into thinking it was a real IP post as there were no "[IP]" 
indentifications in the Subject.

So if you haven't had your AV running and up-to-date, run a system check and get those definitions updated right now!   This situation will not improve until everyone does 
this.  If you have ANY questions or comments, please WRITE to  HELP@insulin-pumpers.org  and NOT to the list.  

Thank you,

George Lovelace
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