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[IP] [IP} Stress affecting BG's

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Not sure of what your name is, but what I found interesting was what you
in the last paragraph "What I DON'T know is how to cope and make everything
fit together without neglecting any one part of my life or going crazy or
being a witch..."  Well, stop and think for a moment...you ARE neglecting a
BIG part of your life....YOU!!!  YOU are THE most important part of your
and you are treating yourself like you don't even count!  Forget having the
diabetes.  Even if you DIDN;t have that you are still forgetting to take
of yourself.  But alas...you can NOT forget that you have the diabetes.  It
is unfortunate but it is REALLY important that you DON'T forget it.  What
sounds like would work for you is taking mini-'vacations'.  Now, don't get
wrong, I don't mean leaving and going away for awhile.  I'm talking about
taking a 5-10 minute vacation where you go outside (weather premitting, take
deep breaths and walk around for a little while and clear your mind of
everything except the sights and sounds and smells you are experiencing
then and there.  My neighbor told me about these once because she was about
to go crazy with work and everything else (non-DM)  And most important,
listening to yourself. to your body!  What do YOU need, what does your body
need?  These are suppose to be your #1 concern right now.

Take a deep breath and relax, even for a few minutes several times each

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
- ----------------------------------------------------------
Pumping produces a form of stress not easily described to non-pumpers or
diabetics in denile. Everything can get centered around your pump and your
blood sugars. Most of us are neurotic about this is not always a bad thing.
I have found that going off the pump for a day or so is therapeutic in
getting back to normal. I use NPH and humulog, Lantus would be better. after
I see how bad my control was on this combo, I'm only to happy too go back on
the pump.NPH still is a lousy form of insulin. I feel so much better about
things when I go back on the pump. spot
A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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