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Re: [IP] Mad at my endo...

> My husband switched insurance policies on June 1 and when I ordered my
> supplies for the Paradigm (whichi was on July 1 and I still do not have
> them), Minimed faxed and mailed a Physician Work Order to my endo to fill
> and sign and fax back before I am able to get my next supply shipment.  I
> have been in contact with Minimed and my endo's office every day last week
> make sure that this form gets sent back to Minimed ASAP.
> I got a bill from my endo's office today for $10.  So they say it is for
> Moderate Visit, Low Office Call.  I have never paid a dime to my endo
> insurance covers everything 100% (yes, even our new insurance) and I was
> there to see him at the end of May.  How can he charge me for an office
> when he never even saw me??  Is he charging me for all the phone calls I
> made (never spoke with the endo, just the receptionist) and all he even
> to do was sign this paper stating that yes he is my doctor.  What is this
> about???  I feel he is taking advantage and I am going to call him again
> Monday and chew him out for this bill and if he wants to see his $10, he
> bill insurance for it and see what BCBS has to say.
> Just needed to vent for a moment.
> Gina

Seems to me like the doctor did some work for you (not much but some) and
now he is asking to be paid for it. Regardless of what is going on with any
dealing you have with a third party (i.e.. insurance company) you are
ultimately responsible for  anything you ask a doctor to do for you.

Bummer. But why should the Doctor be stiffed for it?

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