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Re: [IP] Unexplained highs

First of all you just started the pump  a week ago, so you are still in the 
process of needing to test you basal rates and fine tune them (THE hardest 
part of getting started)  Those rates your team started you on are just 
temporary.  You need to test (usually fasting) and fine tune those rates.  As 
for the high temps and humidity, we just did a week's vacation in Orlando and 
Josh had no trouble with the insulin or his sites.  I came prepared but we 
still only had to do the one site change, no two (sunday/wednesday) while 
there.  No, I really feel it is the basal rates and you need to start fine 
tuing.  Do you have the PUMPING INSULIN book, by JOhn Walsh, 3rd edition?  
This is THE BOOK on pumping and he goges into detail about fine tuning!!!

Good Luck!   HANG in there!!

mom to Joshua
DMer 5 years, IPer 2.5 years
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