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Re: [IP] Does this sound right?

> >If I were you, I'd insist on using U-500 insulin in the pump, though,
to preserve your sites and not changing/refilling/filling reservoirs so
> often. >>

> What does this mean? (excuse my ignorance)  Is this something
> people using a lot of insulin per day should use... I use over 100 u's
> per day and would be very interested in using something that could make
> my site last longer. Thanks for your help email @ redacted

Ask your endo, or pharmacist. I know of someone on another list who uses it,
and in the pamphlet Lilly sent me when I had my 5-th DM anniversary BASH it
even shows it there. I'm certain it would require an Rx. This would not be
Humalog/Novolog style, but a Regular.

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