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Re: [IP] Prednisone and Shingles- Help!

Lisa--  I just finished a series of epidural cortisone (sp?) injections
for two ruptured discs.  My endo helped me adjust my basals and bolus
ratios.  My blood sugars weren't perfect, but I wasn't ever too high for
too long.  I upped my basals by .3 units and went from 1unit/10 carbs to
1unit/8 carbs.  Definitely check your blood sugar at regular intervals
(before meal, 2 hours after meal, betime, etc.) to see what the steroid
is doing to them.  Good Luck.--Kate dxd 10/91, pumping 08/98 >Date: Fri,
19 Jul 2002 12:28:20 -0700 >From: "Lisa Stevenson" >Subject: [IP]
Prednisone and Shingles- Help! > >The doctor says it's shingles and wants
me to start on high dose prednisone to >prevent postherpetic neuralgia
(lingering pain in the affected area that can >last for months/years
after the sores have healed). I am so scared at what to >expect with the
steroids and my blood sugars. Thank goodness for the >pump.....but I'm
still scared. >Anyone to give words of advise? >Lisa


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