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[IP] non-dm stress affecting bg's... tips?

-------------original message------------------------------------------
I'm very stressed out lately with wedding plans, 2 college classes, full
time job, insurance problems, puppy training, etc...  I went to the doc
today and my A1c is up from 8 to 9.  I have been trying to bring it down so
that in a year or 2 we can start trying to have a kid.  I'd like it to be at
below 6 by then.  And of course, even if we were not planning on a family, I
would want to get it at least below a 7 and keep it there just for general
health.  But the stress is making it worse.  Stress makes my bg's high, of
course.  Because of all I've had on my mind I've neglected testing- down
from 3-4 times to 1-2 times a day, if that.
------------------------my response:---------------------------------------
The key to good A1C is frequent testing.  I can't imagine eating without knowing what my current
blood sugar number is - that's how I know how much insulin to take.  You need to add or subtract a
correction based on whether you are low or high.
I understand that you are stressed, but why put your body through extra, unnecessary stress by
noet testing?  You said you went from 3 - 4 times a day to 1-2 times a day.  The minimum number of
tests is 4 - one before each meal and bedtime.  I test 6 - 9 times a day, often checking 2 hours
after a meal to make sure I calculated the bolus correctly.
You will never get a good A1C unless you go back to testing,at least before meals, and adjust your
bolus accordingly.

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