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Re: [IP] Prednisone and Shingles- Help!

>The doctor says it's shingles and wants me to start on high dose 
>prednisone to prevent postherpetic neuralgia (lingering pain in the 
>affected area that can last for months/years after the sores have healed). 
>I am so scared at what to expect with the steroids and my blood sugars. 
>Thank goodness for the pump.....but I'm still scared. Anyone to give words 
>of advise? Lisa


I broke out with a case of hives a few years ago.  I was given a steroid 
medpack for it.  What I did was keep a close eye on my bgs and pretty much 
ended up raising all my basals .3 while I took the steroid.  This helped 
put my bgs back in good range.  I only was on the medpack for about a week, 
and I had to be careful after that so that I wouldn't crash too badly when 
the meds wore off.  It took about 2 weeks for that to happen.  My CDE told 
me to start at .1 raise and go up from there.  Good luck.  YMMV.

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