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[IP] Advice needed!

I really need some advice on something and this was the best, most
objective place, I could think of to get it. First, a little background.
I was diagnosed with Type 1 at the age of 19 during the summer after my
first year of university. I was also diagnosed with having an underactive
thyroid at this time. I was very sick and extremely underweight. The
doctor put me on a 70/30 mix and a "diabetic" diet. I went back to
university in Sept and tried to live my life as normally as possible. I
fell into what I now recognize as depression.  I had no appetite, was not
gaining any weight, and had all sorts of physiological and psychological
problems.  In late Nov, I called it quits and decided to move back in
with my parents and take a break from school.
The following spring, I started taking Humalog on a sliding scale. I
started to gain weight and get my health under control.  My thyroid was
still not perfect though.  I returned to school in! Sept with hopes of
becoming the honour student that I had always been. My marks were ok, not
as good as I would have liked and I was constantly battling extremely
high blood sugars. I was searching for a decent endo but had no luck.
The next spring, during exams, I was hospitalized with DKA. I still wrote
all of my exams but I know my performance was not what it could have
been. In my 3rd year of school, I continued to deal with my diabetes and
thyroid demons.  I came down with whooping cough during Dec exams causing
my marks to suffer once again. During final exams in April, my thyroid
levels were off causing me to sleep 12-15 hours a day. I attempted summer
school but I just couldn't wake up enough to handle it.
During my fourth year, I battled with some tough decisions. I decided to
only take 2 course and to transfer universities the following year. At
this point I had failed a couple courses because I had not finished the
course work.  I finally got my p! ump in the winter and decided to start
over in a new town and a new school.

Now, my dilemna:  I applied as a transfer student to the university in
the town where I have started my new life and they have denied my
application because of my low average. I know that if I got in I could be
an honour student. I've adjusted to life with diabetes and my pump has
made all of the difference in the world but I just need the chance to
prove it.  Is it legitimate of me to blame the majority of my academic
shortcomings on my diabetes? I want to get into school but I also don't
like using my disease as an excuse. I'm hoping that if I explain what
I've gone through in the past four years I might get a chance.  Any
suggestions or comments? I'm very frustrated and angry right now because
school has always been one of the most important things in my life and
it's something that I was always very good at. When I think about what
diabetes has done to my academic career I just want to cry. Please help. 
Sorry this message was so long but I really ! needed to talk to people
who might really understand what I've been going through.
Sara Molyneaux


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