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RE: [IP] Never Ending Low(female hormones?)

Hi Laura:
Tonight I had dinner and took a bolus for it, and a little one prior due to
a rebound high.
	One thing I have learned is not to bolus for a rebound.  It will just keep
going up and down if you do.  I just let my body ride it out and pay no
attention to the numbers on my meter.
	Second problem can be that you did not figure out your carbs correctly and
overbolused but I tend to think it's more of your trying to cover your
	As far as your lows in the mornings, have you checked your basals in the
middle of the night?  Try checking at bedtime and then set the alarm for 2
hrs later and keep doing that during the whole night.  I know it's a pain in
the butt, however, you will get to see where your b.g. is dropping and will
be able to change your basal rate and shouldn't have anymore problems after
	The periods will definitely mess up your b.g. and if your on time, then you
will start to see a pattern each month and know when to change your basal
	Hopes this helps and btw, this is all my opinion and not medical advice.
	Kathy B.
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