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[IP] Paradigm Upgrade a Success!!!

I just upgaded to the paradigm yesterday, and I have to say that it went
pretty smooth.  The choice of hotel could have been better, Minimed picked one
right in the middle of the city, and you had to pay $6.00 just to park.

The Minimed Reps were great, there was pretty much 1 Trainer per 4 people,
they went through the operation of the pump with everyone, confirmed you have
transferred your settings from your 508 to your paradigm correctly, practiced
priming using saline then went live with insulin, it took all of 2 hours.  I
did like how they didn't spend alot of time on functions of the pump that no
one at the table was using, at my table no one used the Auto-Off feature, so
they just told you what it was then moved on.  I was shocked at the number of
people that don't use the Dual wave or square wave feature, or the easy bolus,
it was fun to see all those pumpers in one spot, kinda like a Convention.

The paradigm comes with 3 extra batteries for the pump and 1 extra battery for
the remote, a leather case with built in clip, and a swivel case with clip.
This pump primes fast, I used to use the time waiting for my 508 to prime to
allow the IV Prep to dry, now I have to change my routine. I think the menu
structure is much better than the 508, but I miss the clock on the main screen
and where are the clicks, thats how I knew it was working.

Filling a reservoir was easier with less bubbles, but the plunger kept falling
off, and 1 girl at our table actually cracked the top of her reservoir when
she attached her infusion set to it, that was a little scary, I hope they can
figure out a way to make it stronger.  The other thing is they told us it was
waterproof for 30 min., I thought they upgraded that to 24 hours, anyone

So that was my experience upgrading, thanks for listening....

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