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[IP] Prednisone and Shingles- Help!

I can't  believe this is happening to me!!  I'm 30years old and two days ago I
started getting a cold sore on my lip (too much sun exposure- I'm one of those
unfortunates who have gotten cold sores since childhood).....At the same time
I starting having this intense pain/itchiness on my forehead.  A day later I
have developed an eruption on my left side of my forehead- puffy, red, and
blistered.  And does it hurt!!
The doctor says it's shingles and wants me to start on high dose prednisone to
prevent postherpetic neuralgia (lingering pain in the affected area that can
last for months/years after the sores have healed).  I am so scared at what to
expect with the steroids and my blood sugars.  Thank goodness for the
pump.....but I'm still scared.
Anyone to give words of advise?
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