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[IP] Re:Life Insurance for a 16 year old pumper

A question for the list.

My Husband is 55 and has been a diabetic since 15 years old.  He is not on a 
pump.  When we bought a house 15 years ago we got life insurance for on him.  
Needless to say it wasn't inexpensive.  Now I am being told he is 
uninsurable.  So to make the story short, rather than have this happen to my 
son as an adult, I decided to get a policy on him now so he could just 
continue to pay it when he is an adult, but atleast he would have something.

Now I don;t know if this a part of the factor, it is a new agent, but even 
though they carry a policy on his pump, they didn't seem to get it that he is 
a Type 1 or why pump????.  They came back again and asked if he was insulin 
dependent and the policy went from $990 to $1790 a year.  (This is State 
Farm) Everything they are saying seems to relate that the pump is triggering 
something that is taking to a "Level 10" and in atleast one conversation they 
stated if he wasn't on the pump it would be less. The trigger doesn't not 
seem to be type one or type 2.  I keep trying to tell them they have it 
backward, being on a pump doesn't mean his diabetes is more severe, but that 
we striving to keep much better control.  This is better from an insurance 
point of view not worse.  Then I was told that the amount could change, but 
they had to see his medical records first.  I told him it is hard to say yes 
or no to something when I can't get a very good feel for a "How much." 

Have any of you tried to get insurance for your children while they are in 
good control and so they will have a better chance a decent rates?  
Any other companies I should try?  Types of policies?

Thank you for any input

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