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[IP] Insulin and Refrigeration


I live in South Florida and my apartment has been without electricity for 20
hours now.

It went off at 4:30 and came back on several times for 10 minutes at a time
until 2 am..  Then it has been out since 2 am.  (Breaker to apartment
building went down - and management is as slow as molasses to resolve the
problem.)  In my haste to leave and find a place to sleep, I left 2 vials of
Humalog in the refrigerator.

It is now 90 degrees outside.  Refrigerator has not been opened.  Power
supposed to be restored in the next 2 hours.  So, what do I do with the
insulin in the fridge?  Is it ok to use?  Should I toss it?

Food suggestions are welcomed as well.  What to keep and what to toss.

Thank you,

Pumping since
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