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Re: [IP] Pain in my foot

At 09:38 AM 7/19/02, Harvey Sydnor <email @ redacted> wrote:
>For a few months now I have been having just an all-over pain in my feet. At
>first thought it was shoes, but no matter what I wear they hurt. In the
>morning they feel ok, but as the day goes on the pain gets worse. I don't do
>a lot of walking (lately).  Is this symtoms of neoropathy?

I had pain in my feet, it was worse when I got up to walk after sitting for 
a long time, such as in a car while travelling.  Turns out it was heel 
spurs and that tendon thing (can never remember the name of it).  I figure 
I developed problems due to my poor arch and non-arch supporting shoes.  I 
had to get orthotics (sp?) to put in my shoes and that solved the 
problem.  My advice is to see a podiatrist and get it checked out.  YMMV.

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