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[IP] Swelling

Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 16:59:27 -0400
From: Billie Sue Parker <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] re: swelling
> Re your swelling, YES!  I agree with David and Fran . . . BE CONCERNED!  I
> would ask to be referred to a Nephrologist.--- Sally Dawson
What if you have had blood work drawn and everything came back normal. 
are others reasons that people could swell.  I have swelling sometimes too.
I had blood drawn about a month ago and I was told that my kidney function
came back normal.  I am a little overweight and I am also on a medication
my slightly elevated blood pressure.  It is also very hot here in NC right
now.  I know that I do not get enough water in my diet.  Please don't tell
that there is nothing else that could make me swell other than my kidneys
malfunctioning.     --- Billie

Hi Billie!

Yes, it could be other things causing the swelling.  This is just my 2
cents, no "professional opinion" here.  I was like you, where I would
occasionally swell and was told repeatedly by my dh that I didn't drink
enough water.  I would swell especially during very hot times like we're
currently having in NC.  My body was just retaining water because I wasn't
consuming ENOUGH water!
But in 1999 I was having EXTREME swelling mainly in my legs, EVERY day. I
had NO ankles -- "Pitted Edema" (where if you poke your shin with your
finger it leaves a mark - for quite a while) is what I was diagnosed with
and put on Lasix to get rid of the excess water, and Lisinopril to protect
my kidneys from further damage.

I still have to push myself to drink lots of water to flush out my kidneys
and keep my body hydrated.  It's not on my "favorite beverages" list, but I
do try.

--- Sally Dawson
--- email @ redacted
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