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RE: [IP] non-dm stress affecting bg's... tips?

Hi Julie:
Sounds like you have  a full plate right now and that you are trying to do
too many things at one time.  Even for a "normal" person, you've got too
many things going on at one time.

As for me, I was practically killing myself when we lived in NY and I was
working like crazy trying to compensate for my husband's losing his job and
trying to sell our house, dealing with two teenage children and so many
other things.

I swore when we moved to FL I wouldn't do that and I almost went nuts when I
first moved here since northerners are known to be very hyper and don't know
how to lay back.

Well, eventually I got into the same type of thing, running here, doing
this, doing that and started getting sick all over again...

So now, I told my customers I will only be doing one order per month and if
they didn't like it, I would find a new representative.  I take naps when
I'm tired and I don't care who doesn't like it.  I read and crochet to calm
myself down.

Now, here I'm assuming that you are a young one (in your 20's) and must be
thinking that I'm ancient.  No, I'm in my 40's but have run the gammit.

Listen to me.  Make a list of things that absolutely need to be done and
another one of things that can be put off until another day.  Take one thing
on that list at a time and don't overdo it.

As for wedding plans, try to delegate some of the stuff to others who I'm
sure are more than happy to help you.

Have your fiance help you with the puppy training and as for work, take your
time and if you get stressed out, get away from your desk for a break.  Go
have a cup of coffee or whatever you like that relaxes you.  If there's a
lounge and you like to read, go sit in there for a while and chill out.

As for not testing, well, that's another story.  Being on the pump you have
to test more often or wind up in trouble lots of times.  you didn't mention
if you are or aren't.

The best advice that I can give to you and I'm sure many here will agree.
You are a very important person and you must think of yourself first and
foremost and your health comes first before anything else.

Once you put your mind to that, everything else will fall into place.

Hope everything works out for you.
Kathy B.
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