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[IP] non-dm stress affecting bg's... tips?

I'm very stressed out lately with wedding plans, 2 college classes, full
time job, insurance problems, puppy training, etc...  I went to the doc
today and my A1c is up from 8 to 9.  I have been trying to bring it down so
that in a year or 2 we can start trying to have a kid.  I'd like it to be at
below 6 by then.  And of course, even if we were not planning on a family, I
would want to get it at least below a 7 and keep it there just for general
health.  But the stress is making it worse.  Stress makes my bg's high, of
course.  Because of all I've had on my mind I've neglected testing- down
from 3-4 times to 1-2 times a day, if that.  Neglecting exercising (unless
you count scouring the malls and cleaning house occasionally) and eating
right and really accurate carb counting (I'm guessing most of the time
instead of atking the time out to find the info)... and I'm generally tense
and not sleeping well...  Anyway I was wondering how you guys cope with
stress.  When you have a lot on your plate, and none of it can really be
dropped at the moment, what do you do?  How do you relax?  How do you cope
with stress, being frustrated?  How do you manage your time effectively?
How do you keep from forgetting things... especially testing?  How do you
keep yourselves motivated and focused?   The doc is understanding, but just
kept telling me how important good control is.  I HATE that.  Like, duh, I
don't already know??  What I don't know is HOW to cope and make everything
fit together without neglecting any one part of my life or going crazy or
being a witch.  I would really appreciate any advice you can give.  Thanks!!
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