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Re: [IP] Infections and BG followup

> I've had a couple of highs the past few
days, but all could be explained by other factors (and yes, there are too
many freakin factors in this disease).So I'm on antibiotics.  I don't
_think_ they do anything to blood sugar, right? --KarenL, >

Some antibiotics will definitely raise the BG (blood glucose = sugar), like
Levaquin does for *me*. There is another one that I can't recall (Hillary
syndrome) that kept me in the 400s for that duration.

You can mostly (not always) look for a BG rise with an infection. If an
infection occurs, it is best to make every effort to keep the BG down as the
sugar feeds it. This disease has no real predictions nor guarantees. As
always, YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary). (~_^)
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