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[IP] Infections and bs: followup

Okay, I didn't see any responses to my question about what infections do
to blood sugars, which was this:  if I get an infection, will it
reliably raise my blood sugar?

Unfortunately, I found out the answer.  My sewn-up earlobe (ripped while
mtn biking) _did_ get infected, and does not appear to have raised my
blood sugars consistently.  I've had a couple of highs the past few
days, but all could be explained by other factors (and yes, there are
too many freakin factors in this disease).

So I'm on antibiotics.  I don't _think_ they do anything to blood sugar,

--KarenL, who would be happy to keep all parts of her ear
Type 1 since 1993, pumping since 1995, MM508
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