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Pumpers - 

  I have been travelling for a few days, so I just caught up on all of
the threads.  Here are some comments - 
  As for flying - It went ok.  I went through Newark with no problem -
told them I had a pump and no questions asked.  On the way home was a
different story.  Tallahasse must have their metal detector turned up
because I triggered it (I think the metal clip on the holder).  There I
was scanned with the wand and they investigated the pump closely....It
didn't make me as comfortable as I thought I would be (they were
pulling it off my pants with the holder).  But, if it is for our
country's security, no complaints here.

  As for the PDA threads, I have one and found a great program.  I got
it on www.tucows.com.  It is called Diabetes Pilot.  I started the pump
almost a month ago and was experiencing highs after meals.  Conclusion
- I wasn't carb counting effectively.  This program has a food database
with everything you can imagine.  Even the huge portion of veggies I
thought were free, really weren't...When I started counting everything
that was going into my mouth, I wasn't experiencing highs anymore.  The
program was great travelling, so I didn't feel like I was guessing
anymore.  You can trial the program and if you like it, you can
register....I think it is well worth the cost!!  I use it like a
journal, so I don't have to write everything down.

  As for the people who have just started the pump or are starting
soon, don't think the pump is magic at day one.  It takes time to
adjust to it.  Remember, you are starting a new routine for managing
your diabetes.  I was just diagnosed in April, so after 2 months of
shots, I got the pump.  At first, I wanted to throw the thing in the
garbage, but once I fine tuned my basal and carb ratio, the pump has
become my best friend....We have to be patient and I know as a strict,
organized diabetic, high numbers make us cringe.....I can say the last
month of starting the pump has been a roller coaster, but I think I am
starting to get used to it.  Be patient and don't give up...


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