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[IP] Re: hypo last night responses

Thanks to everyone who responded to my post. It helps so much to vent to people who understand
what you are saying.  I can whine a little, take a deep breath, and get over it. :)
BarbaraB, I know you are right about icecream not being the ideal for treating lows (I usually
have a night of fighting highs ahead of me when I use it). But you guys know what I am saying when
I say, "But it's what I WANT when I am low". heehee
I listened to you guys discussing those Sunkist things. I couldn't find those at the store I
stopped at, but I bought those little pastel wedding mints instead. I am going to try to reason
with myself to use something like that next time. I know myself better than to think I will
willingly eat glucose tabs when low. I hate 'em, all flavors.
I remember one time when I was low I tried to cook myself some scrambled eggs and french fries.
Yeah, that's a great one for hypos. I finally did give up and drink some juice after I figured out
I couldn't fit a big metal frying pan in the microwave. That's the thing with me when I get a
hypo, sometimes I can't reason with myself. Even if juice is handy, I will sometimes not drink it
because I got juiced-out with hypos right after my son was born.
It makes me sad to think about the future when I will sometimes scare my son and force him to make
grown-up decisions about taking care of me. No matter how hard I try, lows will happen I guess.
Cheers to us all, stubborn or not, resentful of losing our independence or not, and cheers to our
strange and wonderful families and friends who alternately save us or deny we even have diabetes,
but love us all the same

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green KY
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